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PDFWAC 260-13-550

Disclosure of development process.

An applicant for Class A, B, or C license, at the time of application, will disclose to the commission its development process, if any, which must include the following:
(1) The total cost of construction, renovation or repairs of the facility, distinguishing between fixed costs and projections;
(2) Identification of the following costs, distinguishing between fixed costs and projections:
(a) Facility design;
(b) Land acquisition;
(c) Site preparation;
(d) Improvements and equipment, separately identifying the costs of improvements and equipment;
(e) Interim financing;
(f) Permanent financing; and
(g) Organization, administrative, accounting, and legal;
(3) Documentation of fixed costs;
(4) The schedule for construction of the facility, including estimated completion date;
(5) Schematic drawings;
(6) Copies of any contracts with and performance bonds from the:
(a) Architect or other design professional;
(b) Project engineer;
(c) Construction engineer;
(d) Contractors and subcontractors; and
(e) Equipment procurement personnel; and
(7) Whether the site has been acquired or leased by the applicant. If the site has been acquired by the applicant, documented proof of the acquisition must be provided. If the site is leased, the applicant must disclose what actions the applicant must take in order to use the site and provide a copy of the lease.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 08-17-050, ยง 260-13-550, filed 8/14/08, effective 9/14/08.]
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