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PDFWAC 246-918-075

Background checkTemporary practice permit.

The commission may issue a temporary practice permit when the applicant has met all other licensure requirements, except the national criminal background check requirement. The applicant must not be subject to denial of a license or issuance of a conditional license under this chapter.
(1) If there are no violations identified in the Washington criminal background check and the applicant meets all other licensure conditions, including receipt by the department of health of a completed Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint card, the commission may issue a temporary practice permit allowing time to complete the national criminal background check requirements.
A temporary practice permit that is issued by the commission is valid for six months. A one-time extension of six months may be granted if the national background check report has not been received by the commission.
(2) The temporary practice permit allows the applicant to work in the state of Washington as a physician assistant during the time period specified on the permit. The temporary practice permit is a license to practice medicine as a physician assistant provided that the temporary practice permit holder has a practice agreement on file with the commission.
(3) The commission issues a license after it receives the national background check report if the report is negative and the applicant otherwise meets the requirements for a license.
(4) The temporary practice permit is no longer valid after the license is issued or the application for a full license is denied.
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