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PDFWAC 246-815-100

Licensure by interstate endorsement of credentials.

An individual may be eligible for a Washington state dental hygiene license if the applicant:
(1) Has successfully completed a dental hygiene education program in compliance with the requirements listed in WAC 246-815-030.
(2) Holds a valid, current, nonlimited license in another state.
(3) Has been currently engaged in clinical practice at any time within the previous year as a dental hygienist in another state or in the discharge of official duties in the United States Armed Services, Coast Guard, Public Health Services, United States Department of Veteran Affairs, or Bureau of Indian Affairs. Verification of licensure must be obtained from the state of licensure, and any fees for verification required by the state of licensure must be paid by the applicant.
(4) Has successfully completed a dental hygiene examination where the other state's licensing standards are substantively equivalent to the licensing standards in the state of Washington. The other state's examination must have included the following portions and standards of competency.
(a) Written tests - The written tests mean the National Board of Dental Hygiene examination as required in WAC 246-815-020.
(b) Practical tests - All portions must be graded anonymously by calibrated practicing dental hygienists or dental hygienists and dentists. Examiners will be calibrated to the standards of competency. The examination must have equivalent patient selection criteria for the patient evaluation, prophylaxis and anesthesia portions. In lieu of the WREB or CRDTS practical tests, the secretary may accept substantially equivalent tests. The practical tests include:
(i) Patient evaluation clinical competency including an extra-oral and intra-oral examination;
(ii) Prophylaxis clinical competency;
(iii) Anesthesia clinical competency; and
(iv) Restorative clinical competency.
(c) If the secretary finds that another state's licensing standards are substantively equivalent except for portion(s) of the examination, the applicant may take that portion(s) to qualify for interstate endorsement. The applicant must successfully complete the portion(s) of the exam to qualify for interstate endorsement.
(5) Has completed seven clock hours of HIV/AIDS education as required in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 8.
(6) Has passed the Washington state drug and law jurisprudence examination.
(7) Submits a completed application on forms provided by the department.
(8) Pays fees as required in WAC 246-815-990.
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