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PDFWAC 246-805-310

Behavior technician training program.

An applicant who does not hold RBT registration under WAC 246-805-300 (5)(a) or other behavior technician registration or certification accepted by the secretary under WAC 246-805-300 (5)(b) may qualify for a CBT credential by completing a behavior technician training program meeting the requirements described in this section.
(1) Behavior technician training programs meeting the requirements described in this section are approved by the secretary.
(2) The behavior technician training program must be:
(a) Affiliated with a postsecondary school or college accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; or
(b) Affiliated with an agency, business or individual that:
(i) Has a supervisor within sight and hearing and available for immediate intervention when the trainee is working with clients.
(ii) Has a supervisor who is:
(A) An LBA who holds a current and active credential in good standing with at least one year of full-time equivalency; or an active BCBA who meets the supervisor requirements of the BACB;
(B) Responsible for the conduct of the trainee at all times when working with clients under his or her supervision; and
(C) Responsible for the training program, who will be referred to as the "training program supervisor," and shall:
(I) Not be related to, subordinate to, or employed by the trainee during the training period. Employment does not include compensation received by the supervisor from the trainee for supervision services.
(II) Be responsible for determining the content of the training, adherence to the training, and ascertaining the competency of the trainee.
(III) Supervise the trainee until he or she demonstrates entry level competency, as provided in subsection (3)(c) of this section.
(3) The behavior technician training program must be at least forty hours in duration and include:
(a) Classroom, online or supervisor-led instruction in the following content areas:
(i) Measurement;
(ii) Assessment;
(iii) Skill acquisition;
(iv) Behavior reduction;
(v) Documentation and reporting; and
(vi) Professional conduct and scope of practice.
(b) Experiential learning that includes:
(i) Practicing techniques in a simulated situation incorporating content areas in (a) of this subsection; and
(ii) Observing and performing behavior analysis services with clients incorporating content areas in (a) of this subsection.
(c) Evaluation and assessment by the training program supervisor of the trainee's demonstrated entry level competency in the knowledge and skills under (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(4) After the trainee demonstrates entry level competency, as provided in subsection (3)(c) of this section, supervision may be provided by any behavior analyst who meets the requirements of subsection (2)(b)(i) and (ii)(A) and (B) of this section.
(5) Prior to or at the time of the first visit with a client, the supervisor shall ensure that the client or client's parent or legal guardian is notified in writing that the trainee is participating in a behavior technician training program. The notification must be within the client's treatment plan or other documentation that must include the supervisor's name and contact information.
(6) A trainee must complete the training program and submit an application to the department on a form provided by the department within one hundred eighty days of starting the training program.
(7) Documentation of all behavior analysis training, supervision, duties, and responsibilities of the trainee must be completed and signed by the training program supervisor and the trainee, and placed in the trainee's personnel file. Copies of the documentation will be maintained by both the trainee and the training program supervisor.
(8) Upon successful completion of the training program, the training program supervisor will sign an attestation that the trainee has completed the behavior technician training.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.380 RCW, RCW 18.122.050 and 43.70.250. WSR 17-08-018, ยง 246-805-310, filed 3/27/17, effective 4/27/17.]
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