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PDFWAC 246-710-010


(1) "Client" means an individual with special health care needs, seventeen years of age or younger, who is being served by a local CSHCN agency.
(2) "Children with special health care needs" means children with disabilities or handicapping conditions; chronic illnesses or conditions; health related educational or behavioral problems; or children at risk of developing such disabilities, conditions, illnesses or problems.
(3) "CSHCN" means the children with special health care needs program.
(4) "Department" means department of health.
(5) "Local CSHCN agency" means the local health jurisdiction or other agency locally administering the CSHCN program for the county where the client resides in the state of Washington.
(6) "Service systems" means community-based systems of services such as primary and specialty medical services, early intervention, special education, and social and family support services for children with special health care needs and their families.
(7) "Services" means health-related interventions, including early identification, care coordination, medical, surgical and rehabilitation care, and equipment provided in hospitals, clinics, offices, and homes by local CSHCN agencies, physicians and other health care providers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.140. WSR 99-01-100, § 246-710-010, filed 12/17/98, effective 1/17/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 91-02-051 (Order 124B), recodified as § 246-710-010, filed 12/27/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.140 and 43.20.050. WSR 83-01-002 (Order 247), § 248-105-020, filed 12/2/82.]
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