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PDFWAC 246-282-042

Wet storage permit.

(1) Any person who wet stores a commercial quantity of shellfish or any quantity of shellfish for sale for human consumption must have a written plan of operations, approved by the department, completely describing the activity.
(2) A person licensed as a harvester may wet store only in a natural body of water that is part of the same growing area as the harvest site of the shellfish.
(3) Any person who operates a recirculating or flow-through wet storage system must possess a wet storage permit issued by the department. A wet storage permit will be issued to a person for a recirculating or flow-through wet storage system if the person:
(a) Possesses a valid shellfish operation license;
(b) Submits a completed written application and plan of operations to the department completely describing the procedures of the wet storage operation;
(c) Documents that the water used for the operation meets the requirements of the NSSP Model Ordinance;
(d) Passes an inspection by the department; and
(e) Pays the department a wet storage application fee or renewal fee as required by this chapter.
(4) If a person uses a natural body of water for a wet storage operation, the person must possess a valid harvest site certificate listing the body of water.
(5) If a person uses artificial seawater for a wet storage operation, the chemicals used to make the seawater must be approved food grade.
(6) A person operating under a wet storage permit must follow all procedures in the plan of operations approved by the department.
(7) A person's wet storage permit expires on the same date as the person's shellfish operation license.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.30.030 and 43.20.030. WSR 01-04-054, ยง 246-282-042, filed 2/5/01, effective 3/8/01.]
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