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PDFWAC 246-246-001

General provisions and scope.

(1) The criteria in this chapter apply to the decommissioning of all facilities licensed or registered under these regulations. For low-level waste disposal facilities (chapter 246-250 WAC), the criteria apply only to ancillary surface facilities that support radioactive waste disposal activities. The criteria do not apply to uranium and thorium recovery facilities already subject to chapter 246-252 WAC or to uranium solution extraction facilities.
(2) The criteria in this chapter do not apply to sites which:
(a) Have been decommissioned following department approved procedures prior to the effective date of this rule; and
(b) Have previously submitted and received department approval on a license termination plan or decommissioning plan.
(3) After a site has been decommissioned and the license terminated in accordance with the criteria in this chapter, the department will require additional cleanup only if, based on new information, it determines that the criteria of this chapter were not met and residual radioactivity remaining at the site could result in significant threat to public health and safety.
(4) When calculating TEDE to the average member of the critical group the licensee shall determine the peak annual TEDE dose expected within the first one thousand years after decommissioning.
(5) The provisions of this chapter do not relieve licensees of meeting all other applicable state and federal laws and rules.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 15-06-015, § 246-246-001, filed 2/23/15, effective 3/26/15; WSR 01-14-045, § 246-246-001, filed 6/29/01, effective 7/30/01; WSR 00-07-085, § 246-246-001, filed 3/15/00, effective 4/15/00.]
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