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PDFWAC 246-235-130

Appendix—General laboratory rules for safe use of unsealed sources.

(1) In addition to the requirements in WAC 246-235-020, a specific licensee who uses unsealed, unplated or liquid sources shall possess adequate facilities including ventilation systems which are compatible with the proposed uses: and,
(2) Possess, use, and store radioactive material in accordance with, but not limited to, the following:
(a) Receive, handle, and store radioactive material only at specifically designated locations within the applicant's facility. Vessels containing radioactive material must be labeled as required by chapter 246-221 WAC.
(b) Wear disposable gloves at all times when handling dispersible radioactive material or potentially contaminated items.
(c) Wear personnel monitoring devices (film badge, OSL, or TLD), when required, at all times when working with, or in the vicinity of, radioactive materials. Extremity doses must be considered when evaluating the need for separate extremity dosimeters. Extremity dosimetry should be worn when working with millicurie or greater quantities of material (excluding low energy beta emitters and pure alpha emitters). Monitoring devices, when not in use, must be stored only in a designated low-background area. Calculations based on whole-body dosimeter results for photon-emitters may be used in lieu of separate extremity dosimeters.
(d) Use remote tools, lead shields, lead-glass shields, or plexiglass shields as appropriate.
(e) Prohibit eating, chewing, drinking, smoking, and application of cosmetics in any area where radioactive material is used or stored.
(f) Do not store food, drink or personal effects in any area, container, or refrigerator designated for radioactive materials use or storage.
(g) Do not pipette radioactive materials or perform any similar operation by employing mouth suction.
(h) Use disposable absorbent material with impervious backing to cover work surfaces where spillage is possible.
(i) Properly dress and protect open wounds on exposed body surfaces before working with radioactive materials.
(j) Wear laboratory coats when working with radioactive material. Potentially contaminated laboratory coats must not be worn outside the immediate work area.
(k) Nuclides in gaseous or volatile form, or with a high potential for volatilization must be used only in areas with adequate ventilation systems.
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