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Chapter 246-232 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-232-001Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF246-232-006Exemption of certain source material.
HTMLPDF246-232-007Exemption of certain depleted uranium items.
HTMLPDF246-232-008Exemption of certain timepieces, hands or dials.
HTMLPDF246-232-009Exemption of certain items containing radioactive material.
HTMLPDF246-232-010Exempt concentrations and exempt quantities.
HTMLPDF246-232-011Exemption of certain self-luminous products containing radioactive material(s).
HTMLPDF246-232-012Exemption of certain gas and aerosol detectors containing radioactive material.
HTMLPDF246-232-014Exemption of C-14 urea diagnostic capsules for human use.
HTMLPDF246-232-015Certain industrial devices.
HTMLPDF246-232-020Types of licenses.
HTMLPDF246-232-030Prelicensing inspection.
HTMLPDF246-232-040Reciprocal recognition of licenses.
HTMLPDF246-232-050Terms and conditions of licenses.
HTMLPDF246-232-060Termination of licenses and decommissioning of sites and separate buildings or outdoor areas.
HTMLPDF246-232-070Modification and revocation of licenses.
HTMLPDF246-232-080Transfer of material.
HTMLPDF246-232-120Schedule B, exempt quantities of radioactive materials.
HTMLPDF246-232-130Schedule C, exempt concentrations.
HTMLPDF246-232-140Schedule D.
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