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WAC 246-105-060

Duties of schools and child care centers.

(1) Schools and child care centers shall require:
(a) A CIS form conforming to WAC 246-105-050 (1)(a) for new enrollees registering for admission into kindergarten through grade twelve or a child care center as a requirement of admission. Information on the CIS is used to determine if a child is fully immunized, conditional or exempt.
(b) For enrollees attending under conditional status or an expired temporary medical exemption, documentation of satisfactory progress toward full immunization.
(c) For enrollees claiming exempt status, a signed COE form indicating a medical, religious, philosophical, or personal exemption conforming to WAC 246-105-050 (1)(b)(iii) or, if applicable, WAC 246-105-050(2).
(2) In maintaining child immunization records, schools and child care centers shall:
(a) Keep all department-approved forms described in WAC 246-105-050 for each enrolled child attending their school or child care center.
(b) Keep a list of children currently with medical, religious, philosophical, or personal exemptions. This list must be transmitted to the local health department upon request.
(c) Return the department-approved CIS or applicable COE or a legible copy of such documents to the parent if the child is withdrawn from a school or child care center or transferred from the school. A school or child care center may not withhold from the parent a child's department-approved CIS or COE for any reasons, including nonpayment of school or child care center fees.
(d) Provide access to immunization records to agents of the state or local health department of each child enrolled.
(3) In maintaining child immunization records, the chief administrator shall:
(a) Retain records for at least three years on a child who is excluded from school under this chapter. The record must include the child's name, address, and date of exclusion.
(b) Submit an immunization status report under chapter 28A.210 RCW either electronically on the internet or on a form provided by the department. The report must be submitted to the department by November 1 of each year. If a school opens after October 1, the report is due thirty days from the first day of school.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.210.140 and 28A.210.090. WSR 14-06-037, § 246-105-060, filed 2/25/14, effective 3/28/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.210.140. WSR 09-02-003, § 246-105-060, filed 12/26/08, effective 1/26/09.]
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