Chapter 246-100 WAC

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246-100-021Responsibilities and duties—Health care providers.
246-100-036Responsibilities and duties—Local health officers.
246-100-040Procedures for isolation or quarantine.
246-100-045Conditions and principles for isolation or quarantine.
246-100-050Isolation or quarantine premises.
246-100-055Relief from isolation or quarantine.
246-100-060Right to counsel.
246-100-070Enforcement of local health officer orders.
246-100-072Rules for notification of partners at risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
246-100-186Special settings—Health care facilities.
246-100-191Animals—General measures to prevent human disease.
246-100-192Animals in public settings—Measures to prevent human disease.
246-100-197Rabies—Measures to prevent human disease.
246-100-201Psittacosis—Measures to prevent human disease.
246-100-202Special diseases—Sexually transmitted diseases—Duties and authorities.
246-100-203Special diseases—Sexually transmitted diseases—Health officer orders.
246-100-204Special diseases—Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)—Absence of HIV as an occupational qualification.
246-100-205Special diseases—HIV—Testing and counseling following occupational exposure.
246-100-206Special diseases—HIV—Testing and counseling of jail detainees.
246-100-207Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing—Ordering—Laboratory screening—Interpretation—Reporting.
246-100-208Counseling standard—HIV counseling.
246-100-209Counseling standards—Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pretest counseling—HIV post-test counseling.
246-100-211Special diseases—Tuberculosis.
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