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PDFWAC 230-13-005

Amusement games authorized.

(1) We authorize the approved groups of amusement games set forth in this chapter. Operators must only operate amusement games that meet the standards of at least one of the authorized groups.
(2) Commercial businesses or nonprofit or charitable organizations may apply for licenses for amusement games.
(3) Charitable or nonprofit organizations also may conduct group 1 through 11 amusement games without a license when authorized to do so under RCW 9.46.0321 and 9.46.0331.
(4) Operators must operate amusement games as either:
(a) An attended amusement game.
(i) An "attended amusement game" means an amusement game that requires the presence or assistance of a person (attendant) in the regular operation of the game; and
(ii) These games must award a merchandise prize to players if players achieve the objective with one cost of play; and
(iii) An attendant accepts cash, check, tickets or scrip to play the amusement game. The tickets and scrip are not redeemable for cash and must show the name of the operator or sponsor; or
(b) A coin or token activated amusement game.
(i) A "coin or token activated amusement game" means an amusement game that uses a mechanical, electronic, or electro-mechanical machine to allow the player to activate the game by inserting coins, cash, tokens, or tokens on an electronic token card; and
(ii) These games may dispense merchandise prizes, or coupons, tickets, tokens, or tokens onto an electronic token card redeemable for merchandise prizes; and
(iii) Coupons, tickets, tokens or tokens on an electronic token card can be electronically stored for redemption under this section as long as the coupons, tickets, tokens or tokens on an electronic token card are:
(A) Deposited into, and tracked on, a separate amusement game accounting system; and
(B) Not commingled with any tracking, reward, or other gambling related redemption systems; and
(C) Redeemed only for merchandise prizes.
(5) Amusement games must not:
(a) Award additional plays as prizes; or
(b) Allow coupons, tickets, tokens or tokens on electronic token cards that are awarded to be replayed; or
(c) Result in any cash payment being awarded.
(6) Amusement games must only award merchandise prizes.
(a) Merchandise prizes mean noncash prizes including toys, novelties, retail items such as electronic goods, clothing, accessories, as well as food, beverages and other items sold by the operator as a normal part of their business in compliance with all other state laws and regulations, except as provided in (b) of this subsection.
(b) Pull-tabs and other gambling activities, gift certificates or gift cards do not constitute merchandise prizes.
(7) Electronic token card means a card issued by the operator that stores purchased credits available to play the amusement game separate from the coupons, tickets, or tokens awarded or dispensed as prizes from the play of the amusement game. Coupons, tickets, or tokens awarded as prizes cannot be used to play amusement games and must only be redeemed for merchandise prizes.
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