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PDFWAC 230-06-110

Buying, selling, or transferring gambling equipment.

(1) All licensees and persons authorized to possess gambling equipment must closely control the gambling equipment in their possession.
(2) Before selling gambling equipment, licensees must ensure that the buyer possesses a valid gambling license or can legally possess the equipment without a license.
(3) Before purchasing gambling equipment, licensees must ensure that the seller possesses a valid gambling license.
(4) Applicants for Class F or house-banked card room licenses may purchase and possess gambling equipment during the prelicensing process, but only after receiving written approval from us.
(5) Charitable and nonprofit organizations conducting unlicensed bingo games, as allowed by RCW 9.46.0321, may possess bingo equipment without a license.
(6) Group 12 amusement games can only be sold or leased to amusement game licensees by a licensed manufacturer or distributor. Amusement game licensees can lease or rent group 12 amusement games for operation at approved amusement game locations.
(7) Licensees may transfer gambling equipment as a part of a sale of a business as long as a condition of the sale is that the buyer receives a gambling license before the sale is complete. Licensees must make a complete record of all gambling equipment transferred in this manner, including I.D. stamps. Licensees must report these transfers, including a copy of the inventory record, to us.
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