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PDFWAC 220-660-480

Compliance with HPA provisions.

(1) Technical assistance program: Pursuant to chapter 43.05 RCW, the department will develop programs to encourage voluntary compliance with HPA provisions by providing technical assistance consistent with chapter 43.05 RCW. The programs include technical assistance visits, printed information, information and assistance by telephone, training meetings, and other appropriate methods for the delivery of technical assistance. In addition, provisions of chapter 43.05 RCW require the department to provide, upon request, a list of organizations, including private companies, that provide technical assistance. This list must be compiled by the department from information submitted by the organizations and does not constitute an endorsement by the department of any organization.
(a) Technical assistance is defined in chapter 43.05 RCW as including:
(i) Information on the laws, rules, and compliance methods and technologies applicable to the department's programs;
(ii) Information on methods to avoid compliance problems;
(iii) Assistance in applying for permits; and
(iv) Information on the mission, goals, and objectives of the program.
(b) "Technical assistance documents" means documents prepared to provide information specified in (a) of this subsection that is labeled a technical assistance document by the department. Technical assistance documents do not include notices of correction, violation, or enforcement action. Technical assistance documents do not impose mandatory obligations or serve as the basis for a citation.
(2) Technical assistance visit:
(a) Pursuant to RCW 43.05.030, a technical assistance visit is defined as a visit by the department to a project site or other location that:
(i) Has been requested or is voluntarily accepted; and
(ii) The department declares to be a technical assistance visit at the start of the visit.
(b) Notice of violation. During a technical assistance visit, or within a reasonable time thereafter, the department must prepare a notice of violation to inform the person of any violations of law or department rules identified by the department as follows:
(i) A description of what is not in compliance and the text of the specific section or subsection of the applicable state law or rule;
(ii) A statement of what is required to achieve compliance;
(iii) The date by which the project must achieve compliance;
(iv) Notice of the means to obtain any technical assistance services provided by the department or others; and
(v) Notice of when, where, and to whom a request to extend the time to achieve compliance for good cause may be filed with the department.
(c) A notice of violation is not a formal enforcement action and is not subject to appeal.
(3) Notice of correction:
(a) Procedures for correction of violations. If during any inspection or visit that is not a technical assistance visit, the department becomes aware of conditions that do not comply with applicable laws and rules enforced by the department and are not subject to penalties as provided for in subsection (4) of this section, the department may issue a notice of correction to the responsible party that must include:
(i) A description of what is not in compliance and the text of the specific section or subsection of the applicable state law or rule;
(ii) A statement of what is required to achieve compliance;
(iii) The date by which the department requires compliance to be achieved;
(iv) Notice of the means to contact any technical assistance services provided by the department or others; and
(v) Notice of when, where, and to who in the department a person may file a request to extend the time to achieve compliance for good cause.
(b) A notice of correction is not a formal enforcement action, is not subject to appeal, and is a public record.
(c) If the department issues a notice of correction, it must not issue a civil penalty for the violations identified in the notice of correction unless the responsible party fails to comply with the notice.
(4) Civil penalties:
(a) The department may impose a civil penalty of up to one hundred dollars per day for a violation of any provisions of chapter 77.55 RCW or this chapter. The department must impose the civil penalty with an order in writing delivered by certified mail or personal service to the person who is penalized. The notice must describe the violation, identify the amount of the penalty, identify how to pay the penalty, and identify the process for informal and formal appeals of the penalty. If the violation is an ongoing violation, the penalty may accrue for each additional day of violation.
(b) The department may issue a civil penalty without first issuing a notice of correction, as provided in RCW 43.05.110 if:
(i) The person has previously been subject to an enforcement action for the same or similar type of HPA violation, or has been given previous notice of the same or similar type of HPA violation;
(ii) Compliance is not achieved by the date set by the department in a previously issued notice of correction, if the department has responded to any request for review of such date by reaffirming the original date or establishing a new date;
(iii) The violation has a probability of placing a person in danger of death or bodily harm, has a probability of causing more than minor environmental harm, or has a probability of causing physical damage to the property of another in an amount exceeding one thousand dollars; or
(iv) The violation was committed by a business that employed fifty or more employees on at least one day in each of the preceding twelve months.
(c) Appeal of a civil penalty. If a civil penalty order is not appealed in a timely manner under WAC 220-660-460 or 220-660-470, the civil penalty order is final and nonappealable. If appealed, the civil penalty becomes final upon issuance of a final order not subject to any further administrative appeal. When a civil penalty order becomes final, it is due and payable.
(d) Payment of a civil penalty. The penalty imposed is due and payable thirty days after receipt of a notice imposing the penalty unless an appeal is filed. Whenever an appeal of any penalty incurred under this chapter is filed, the penalty is due and payable only upon completion of all review proceedings and the issuance of a final order confirming the penalty in whole or in part. If the civil penalty is not paid within thirty days after it becomes due and payable, the department may seek enforcement of the order under RCW 77.55.291 and 34.05.578.
(e) Unpaid civil penalty. If the amount of any penalty is not paid within thirty days after it is due and payable, the attorney general, upon the request of the director, must bring an action in the name of the state of Washington in the superior court of Thurston County or of any county in which such violator may do business, to recover such penalty. In all such actions, the procedure and rules of evidence must be the same as an ordinary civil action. All penalties recovered under this section must be paid into the state's general fund.
(f) The department must comply with the requirements of RCW 34.05.110 before issuing a civil penalty to a small business as defined in that statute.
(5) Time for compliance: The department must provide for a reasonable time to achieve compliance. Any person receiving a notice of correction under subsection (3) or (4) of this section may request an extension of time for good cause to achieve compliance. The person must request an extension from the department in writing and follow the procedures specified by the department in the notice. The department must respond in writing within ten calendar days.
(6) Criminal penalty: Under RCW 77.15.300, it is a gross misdemeanor to construct any form of hydraulic project or perform other work on a hydraulic project without having first obtained an HPA from the department, or to violate any requirements or conditions of the HPA for such construction or work.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.04.012, 77.04.020, and 77.12.047. WSR 15-02-029 (Order 14-353), ยง 220-660-480, filed 12/30/14, effective 7/1/15.]
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