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Chapter 220-640 WAC

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HTMLPDF220-640-010Aquatic invasive species—Provisions.
HTMLPDF220-640-020Aquatic invasive species classification.
HTMLPDF220-640-030Prohibited level 1 species.
HTMLPDF220-640-040Prohibited level 2 species.
HTMLPDF220-640-050Prohibited level 3 species.
HTMLPDF220-640-060Regulated Type A species.
HTMLPDF220-640-070Regulated Type B species.
HTMLPDF220-640-080Regulated Type C species.
HTMLPDF220-640-100Scientific research/display permits and monitoring and control programs—Requirements for possession of prohibited species.
HTMLPDF220-640-110Importation of live aquatic organisms—Required certification of "zebra/quagga mussel free."
HTMLPDF220-640-120Capture of prohibited in Washington waters—Requirements.
HTMLPDF220-640-130Allowable possession of prohibited species if acquired prior to classification—Requirement of documentation.
HTMLPDF220-640-200Deleterious exotic wildlife.
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