Chapter 220-450 WAC

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WAC Sections

220-450-010Criteria for planting aquatic plants and releasing wildlife.
220-450-020Revocation, modification, or suspension of a permit to hold wild animals, wild birds, or game fish in captivity.
220-450-030Live wildlife—Taking from the wild, importation, possession, transfer, and holding in captivity.
220-450-040Live wildlife—Facility, fencing, and marking requirements.
220-450-050Sale of fish and wildlife by zoos and aquariums.
220-450-060Definitions—Oiled-wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation permits.
220-450-070Wildlife rehabilitation permits—Requirements and restrictions.
220-450-080Wildlife rehabilitation—Responsibilities of primary permittees and subpermittees.
220-450-090Wildlife rehabilitation—Permit revocation, modification, or suspension.
220-450-100Wildlife rehabilitation—Facility requirements and inspections—On- and off-site care.
220-450-110Wildlife rehabilitation—Releasing wildlife.
220-450-120Wildlife rehabilitation—Veterinary care.
220-450-130Wildlife rehabilitation—Records retention and reporting requirements.
220-450-140Wildlife rehabilitation—Falconers assisting with raptor rehabilitation.
220-450-150Wildlife rehabilitation—Transfer, import, and export of wildlife.
220-450-160Wildlife rehabilitation—Possession of dead wildlife and wildlife parts.
220-450-170Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposition of nonreleasable and habituated, imprinted, and tamed wildlife.
220-450-180Wildlife rehabilitation—Euthanizing protected, threatened, or endangered wildlife and migratory birds.
220-450-190Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposing of wildlife remains.
220-450-200Wildlife rehabilitation—Prohibition on commercial uses.
220-450-210Oiled bird rehabilitation—Facility requirements.
220-450-220Reporting receipt, death, carcass retention, and release of oiled birds.
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