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Chapter 220-420 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-420-010Falconry definitions.
HTMLPDF220-420-020Falconry and captive propagation of raptors permitted.
HTMLPDF220-420-030Reporting falconry activities.
HTMLPDF220-420-040Permits to practice falconry.
HTMLPDF220-420-050Master falconer classes of permit.
HTMLPDF220-420-060General falconer classes of permit and permitted raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-070Apprentice falconer classes of permit and permitted raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-080Revocation, modifications, or suspension of falconry permits.
HTMLPDF220-420-090Reinstatement of an expired falconry permit.
HTMLPDF220-420-100New Washington residents from outside the United States.
HTMLPDF220-420-110Nonresident falconers in Washington.
HTMLPDF220-420-120Falconers moving to Washington.
HTMLPDF220-420-130Falconers moving out of Washington.
HTMLPDF220-420-140Transport of raptors out-of-state.
HTMLPDF220-420-150Acquisition, transfer, release, loss, or banding of a raptor.
HTMLPDF220-420-160Take from the wild.
HTMLPDF220-420-170Take of nestling at nest site.
HTMLPDF220-420-180Capture of marked raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-190Acquiring a raptor for falconry from a permitted rehabilitator.
HTMLPDF220-420-200Raptors injured due to falconer trapping efforts.
HTMLPDF220-420-210Banding or microchip tagging raptors used in falconry.
HTMLPDF220-420-220Designation as a wild raptor.
HTMLPDF220-420-230Captive propagation of raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-240Hacking of falconry raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-250Closed areas for raptor trapping and practicing falconry.
HTMLPDF220-420-260Transfer, selling, or trading raptors under a falconry permit.
HTMLPDF220-420-280Facilities are required for possession of falconry or abatement raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-290Falconry facilities on property not owned by falconry permittee.
HTMLPDF220-420-300Facilities and care requirements and guidelines.
HTMLPDF220-420-310Required equipment.
HTMLPDF220-420-315Facilities for a raptor when in transport, using it for hunting, or are away from facilities, and temporary housing.
HTMLPDF220-420-320Care of falconry raptors by another person.
HTMLPDF220-420-330Abatement activities with captive raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-340Flying a hybrid raptor in falconry.
HTMLPDF220-420-350Use of falconry raptors in education programs.
HTMLPDF220-420-360Other uses of falconry raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-370Feathers molted by falconry raptors.
HTMLPDF220-420-380Disposition of carcasses of falconry raptors that die.
HTMLPDF220-420-390Provisions for accidental take by falconers.
HTMLPDF220-420-400Falconers assisting in rehabilitation of raptors to prepare them for release.
HTMLPDF220-420-410Releasing a falconry raptor to the wild permanently.
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