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Chapter 220-413 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-413-010Hunting before or after hours.
HTMLPDF220-413-020Tagging requirements.
HTMLPDF220-413-030Importation and retention of dead nonresident wildlife.
HTMLPDF220-413-040Party hunting.
HTMLPDF220-413-050Checking stations—Inspection of game and licenses.
HTMLPDF220-413-060Hunting restrictions.
HTMLPDF220-413-070Hunting with aid of aircraft, boats or other vehicles.
HTMLPDF220-413-080Transmission lines—Unlawful hunting.
HTMLPDF220-413-090Field identification of wildlife—Evidence of sex—Definitions.
HTMLPDF220-413-100Mandatory report of hunting activity.
HTMLPDF220-413-110Hunt or possess big game without an access permit.
HTMLPDF220-413-120Hunt or possess a wild animal or wild bird without an access permit.
HTMLPDF220-413-140Hunting of game birds and animals by persons with a disability.
HTMLPDF220-413-160Colville Indian Reservation—Prohibiting the taking or hunting of big game and grouse and trapping of furbearers.
HTMLPDF220-413-170Tribal hunting—Medicine Creek Treaty hunters—Enforcement policy.
HTMLPDF220-413-180Special closures and firearm restriction areas.
HTMLPDF220-413-190Electronic treeing switches.
HTMLPDF220-413-210Trapping of furbearing animals by persons with a disability.
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