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Chapter 220-310 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-310-010Description of catch record cards and required information.
HTMLPDF220-310-020Catch record cards.
HTMLPDF220-310-030Food fish fishing—Closed areas.
HTMLPDF220-310-040Total possession limit.
HTMLPDF220-310-050Unlawful to take another's limit.
HTMLPDF220-310-060Wastage of food fish or shellfish.
HTMLPDF220-310-070Statewide bait rules.
HTMLPDF220-310-080Game fish seasonsGeneral rules.
HTMLPDF220-310-090Game fish possession limits and size limits.
HTMLPDF220-310-100Fish handling rules—Removal from water.
HTMLPDF220-310-110Angling gearLawful and unlawful acts.
HTMLPDF220-310-120Gaffing and use of other body-penetrating devices—Personal use.
HTMLPDF220-310-140Bow and arrow fishing.
HTMLPDF220-310-150Fly fishing.
HTMLPDF220-310-160Daily limits other food fish not otherwise provided for.
HTMLPDF220-310-170Possession of gamefish, food fish or shellfish in unlawful condition—Possession aboard a vessel.
HTMLPDF220-310-210Possession and delivery of Canadian-origin food fish and shellfish.
HTMLPDF220-310-220Juvenile fishing waters.
HTMLPDF220-310-230Juvenile fishing events.
HTMLPDF220-310-240Recreational fisheries enhancement account—Funding.
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