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PDFWAC 210-10-050

Contribution procedures.

(1) Contribution procedures for the money market fund:
(a) All contributions will be effected by electronic funds transfer to an account in the money market fund designated by the state treasurer. It is the responsibility of each pool participant to pay any bank charges associated with such electronic transfers to the state treasurer.
(b) Funds transmitted by automated clearing house (ACH) will be held for a period of time as designated by the state treasurer in the prospectus.
(c) Failure to transmit funds by a pool participant after notification to the state treasurer of an intended transfer will result in penalties. Penalties for failure to timely transmit funds will be assessed to the account of the pool participant responsible. Reversal of an ACH transmission will constitute a failure to transmit funds.
(d) Contribution requests received in good order will receive the net asset value per unit of the money market fund next determined after the order is accepted by the state treasurer.
(2) Contribution procedures for the extended asset fund:
Direct investments into the extended asset fund are not permitted. Contributions to the extended asset fund may only be effected by means of a contribution from the money market fund. Contributions will take place monthly, on the 10th calendar day of the month (or on the next business day, if the 10th does not fall on a business day).
Pool participants must notify the state treasurer of any contribution on the business day prior to a permitted contribution date no later than the time on that day specified in the prospectus. The state treasurer may allow contributions with less than the required notice in its sole discretion.
Contributions to the extended asset fund will be effected by way of a corresponding withdrawal from the pool participant's specified money market fund account. On the contribution date, shares will be sold from the specified money market fund account at the net asset value determined as of the order acceptance date. Shares of the extended asset fund will be purchased using the extended asset fund's net asset value determined as of the order acceptance date.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.250.060. WSR 16-16-049, § 210-10-050, filed 7/27/16, effective 8/27/16; WSR 13-03-043, § 210-10-050, filed 1/9/13, effective 2/9/13.]
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