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PDFWAC 208-660-446

When advertising using the internet or any electronic form (including, but not limited to, text messages), is there specific content the advertisements must contain?

Yes. Companies, including branches, and loan originators must provide the following language, in addition to any other, on web pages, social media pages the licensee controls, or in any medium where the licensee holds themselves out as being able to provide the services:
(1) The company's name as entered in the NMLS, the company's license number, and a link to the company's NMLS consumer access website page must be displayed on the company's and any loan originator's primary landing page.
(2) If loan originators are named, their license numbers must closely follow the names. An example of closely following is: Your license name followed by your title (if you use one) followed by your license number. See the definition of license number for examples of ways to display your license number. See WAC 208-660-350(25).
(3) If the company uses a DBA, the page must also contain the company's name as entered in the NMLS or license number.
(4) Compliance with other laws. Website content used to solicit Washington consumers must comply with all relevant Washington state and federal statutes for specific services and products advertised on the website.
(5) Oversight. The company is responsible for content displayed on all electronic advertisements used to solicit Washington consumers.
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