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PDFWAC 204-10-024


(1) The windshield must be framed and in such a position that it affords continuous horizontal frontal protection to the driver and front seat occupants. The minimum vertical height of the unobstructed windshield glass must be six inches, or as originally equipped by a recognized manufacturer.
(2) The vehicle must be provided with a windshield and side windows or openings which allow the driver a minimum outward horizontal vision capability, ninety degrees each side of a vertical plane passing through the fore and aft centerline of the vehicle. This range of vision:
(a) May be interrupted by window framing not exceeding four inches in width at each side location.
(b) Must have no obstruction forward of the windshield which extends more than two inches upward into the horizontally forward projected vision area of the windshield except windshield wiper components and hood ornaments identical to those originally installed by a recognized manufacturer. For the purposes of this section, the projected vision area of the windshield will be defined as that area above a line from the top of the steering wheel to the top of the front fenders or hood, whichever is higher.
(3) If a windshield is not required under 49 C.F.R. 571, the operator must wear eye protection as outlined in chapter 46.37 RCW and WAC 204-10-026.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005. WSR 15-19-102, § 204-10-024, filed 9/18/15, effective 10/19/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005 and 46.37.320. WSR 09-22-078, § 204-10-024, filed 11/3/09, effective 12/4/09; WSR 08-19-079, § 204-10-024, filed 9/16/08, effective 10/17/08.]
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