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PDFWAC 200-200-015


As used in this chapter, the following terms shall mean:
(1) "Director" defined. The director of the department of enterprise services.
(2) "Impound"/"impoundment" defined. To take and hold an unauthorized vehicle in legal custody at the direction of the director or designee, subject to the procedures outlined in this chapter and in chapter 46.55 RCW. Such definition includes towing of an unauthorized vehicle.
(3) "Presiding officer" defined. Pursuant to RCW 34.05.485, a "presiding officer" is an individual(s) who is appointed by the director to preside over administrative hearings and render a decision regarding the suspension or revocation of parking privileges and removal, suspension, or revocation from parking waiting list under this chapter.
(4) "Reviewing officer" defined. Pursuant to RCW 34.05.491, a "reviewing officer" is an individual(s) who is appointed by the director to review the decisions by the presiding officer and is authorized to grant appropriate administrative relief upon review.
(5) "State capitol grounds" defined. Those grounds owned by the state and otherwise designated as state capitol grounds, including the west capitol campus, the east capitol campus, Sylvester Park, the Old Capitol Building and Capitol Lake, ways open to the public and specified adjoining lands and roadways.
(6) "Unauthorized vehicle defined." An "unauthorized vehicle" is a vehicle which is parked for any length of time on state capitol grounds and:
(a) Does not display the permit required for that area; and/or
(b) Is not otherwise authorized to park in that area; and/or
(c) Is parked in a metered parking area for a consecutive period longer than the time permitted for parking in that area; and/or
(d) Is parked in a metered parking area with insufficient payment to use the space it occupies; and/or
(e) Is parked in a parking space designated for disabled individuals and such vehicle does not display a valid special license plate or placard; and/or
(f) Is parked in a parking space reserved for use by another vehicle; and/or
(g) Is parked in an area not designated for parking.
(7) "Vehicle" defined. All mechanical transportation devices defined as vehicles in the motor vehicle laws and of the state of Washington including motorcycles and motor-driven cycles.
(8) "Way open to the public defined." Any road, alley, lane, parking area, parking structure, path, or any place private or otherwise adapted to and fitted for travel that is in common use by the public with the consent expressed or implied of the owner or owners, and further shall mean public play grounds, school grounds, recreation grounds, parks, park ways, park drives, park paths.
(9) "Employee defined." Any person assigned to a state facility, including state employees and the staff of vendors, concessionaires, contractors and consultants, who are performing duties that are similar to the duties of state employees or that are in direct support of the state agency functions performed at the facility.
(10) "Disabled defined." Any person who has made application to the department of licensing and displays a valid permit.
(11) "Visitor defined." Any person parking at a state facility who is not employed at that facility.
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