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PDFWAC 197-11-228

Overall SEPA/GMA integration procedures.

(1) "Joint process." GMA jurisdictions are authorized to combine SEPA and GMA processes and analyses and to issue combined documents.
(2) "Phasing and level of detail." To integrate SEPA and GMA:
(a) The appropriate scope and level of detail of environmental review should be tailored to the GMA action being developed or considered for adoption.
(b) Jurisdictions may modify SEPA phased review as necessary to track the phasing of GMA actions, as provided in GMA and the procedural criteria in chapter 365-195 WAC. (For example, actions of narrower scope, such as interim urban growth boundaries or interim development regulations, subarea plans, and plan elements may be adopted prior to GMA actions of broader scope, such as an overall comprehensive plan revision.)
(c) The process of integrating SEPA and GMA should begin at the early stages of plan development. One purpose of an integrated GMA document (see WAC 197-11-235) is to ensure that studies conducted early in the planning and environmental analysis process are available and useful throughout the planning and analysis process (see WAC 197-11-230(2) and 197-11-235). Although early planning documents and environmental analyses such as documents on concepts or plan elements, may serve specific purposes and are not each required to be comprehensive in scope, they should explain their relationship to the overall GMA/SEPA process that is underway and identify how cumulative impacts are being considered.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 95-07-023 (Order 94-22), ยง 197-11-228, filed 3/6/95, effective 4/6/95.]
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