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PDFWAC 192-500-185

Waiting period.

(1) A "waiting period" is the first seven consecutive calendar days beginning with the Sunday of the first week an eligible employee starts taking paid family or medical leave.
(2) An employee will satisfy the waiting period requirement if the employee takes at least eight consecutive hours of leave during the first week of the employee's paid family or medical leave claim.
(3) An employee will not receive a benefit payment for hours claimed during the waiting period.
(4) A waiting period does not reduce the maximum duration of an employee's available paid family or medical leave.
(5) Subject to subsection (7) of this section, an employee must only meet the requirement of one waiting period in a claim year.
(6) If an employee is denied eligibility for a period of time that satisfied the waiting period requirement, the waiting period requirement will not be deemed satisfied for a future claim for which the employee is deemed eligible.
(7) The waiting period does not apply to:
(a) Medical leave taken upon the birth of a child;
(b) Family leave taken for bonding after the child's birth or placement; or
(c) Family leave taken for reasons related to a qualified military exigency.
(8) An employee's use of paid time off for all of or any portion of the waiting period will not affect the satisfaction of the waiting period requirement.
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