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PDFWAC 181-86-080

Factors to be considered before issuing orders.

Before issuing any disciplinary order under this chapter the superintendent of public instruction or designee shall consider, at a minimum, the following factors to determine the appropriate level and range of discipline, if any:
(1) The seriousness of the act(s) and the actual or potential harm to persons or property;
(2) The person's criminal history including the seriousness and amount of activity;
(3) The age and maturity level of participant(s) at the time of the activity;
(4) The proximity or remoteness of time in which the acts occurred;
(5) Any activity that demonstrates a disregard for health, safety or welfare;
(6) Any activity that demonstrates a behavioral problem;
(7) Any activity that demonstrates a lack of fitness;
(8) Any information submitted regarding discipline imposed by any governmental or private entity as a result of acts or omissions;
(9) Any information submitted that demonstrates aggravating or mitigating circumstances;
(10) Any information submitted to support character and fitness; and
(11) Any other relevant information submitted.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28A.410 RCW. WSR 21-08-022, § 181-86-080, filed 3/29/21, effective 4/29/21. WSR 06-02-051, recodified as § 181-86-080, filed 12/29/05, effective 1/1/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.010. WSR 97-05-008, § 180-86-080, filed 2/7/97, effective 3/10/97.]
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