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PDFWAC 181-85-045

Approved in-service education agencyDefinition.

As used in this chapter, the term "approved in-service education agency" shall mean an agency approved by the professional educator standards board to provide in-service education programs and to grant continuing education credit hours to all or a selective group of educators. Such agency must demonstrate the following characteristics:
(1) The agency is one of the following entities or a department or section within such entities:
(a) A college or university referenced in WAC 181-85-025(1);
(b)(i) An organization which for the purpose of this chapter shall mean any local, state, regional, or national organization which offers in-service education programs to teachers, administrators, educational staff associates, or paraeducators. These organizations must be nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations;
(ii) Organizations shall provide documentation of their nonprofit or not-for-profit status to the superintendent of public instruction as part of their annual assurances of compliance with program and recordkeeping standards under WAC 181-85-210.
(c) A school district, an educational service district, the superintendent of public instruction, or any local, state, or federal agency;
(d) An approved private school which for the purpose of this chapter shall mean the same as provided in WAC 180-90-112; or
(e) An educator preparation program provider approved under chapter 181-78A or 181-77A WAC by the professional educator standards board.
(2) The in-service education agency has either a committee or board of directors that provide prior approval to proposed in-service education programs on the basis that the proposed programs are designed to meet the program standards set forth in WAC 181-85-200, and the content standards in WAC 181-85-202.
The committee will be composed of individuals who may include teachers, educational staff associates, administrators, paraeducators, community members, or representatives from colleges and universities.
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