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WAC 181-85-045

Approved in-service education agency—Definition.

As used in this chapter, the term "approved in-service education agency" shall mean an agency approved by the professional educator standards board to provide in-service education programs and to grant continuing education credit hours to all or a selective group of educators. Such agency must demonstrate the following characteristics:
(1) The agency is one of the following entities or a department or section within such entities:
(a) A college or university referenced in WAC 181-85-025(1);
(b) An organization which for the purpose of this chapter shall mean any local, state, regional, or national nonprofit organization which offers in-service education programs to teachers, administrators, and/or educational staff associates;
(c) A school district, an educational service district, the superintendent of public instruction, or any state or national agency; or
(d) An approved private school which for the purpose of this chapter shall mean the same as provided in WAC 180-90-112.
(2) The agency has either a committee or board of directors which provides prior approval to proposed in-service education programs on the basis that the proposed programs are designed to meet the program standards set forth in WAC 181-85-200. In the case of school districts or educational service districts the committee shall be composed of the same representatives as required by RCW 28A.415.040—i.e., "representatives from the ranks of administrators, building principals, teachers, classified and support personnel . . . , . . . the public, and . . . institution(s) of higher education, . . . ."
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