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WAC 181-78A-105

Procedures for initial approval of an educator preparation program.

A prospective provider desiring to establish a preparation program shall comply with the following:
(1) Notification of intent. Prospective providers must submit the appropriate form, published by the professional educator standards board, declaring an intent to apply for approval to offer an educator preparation program or a new educator certification program.
(a) The notification of intent will be posted on the board web site as public notice.
(b) The board will contact the prospective provider to begin the preproposal process.
(2) Preproposal. The prospective provider will develop and submit a preproposal that addresses all requirements approved and published by the board including evidence of necessary capacity, resources, and projected sustainability of the program. After board staff verify the preproposal is complete, the preproposal will be brought to the board.
(3) Final proposal. The prospective provider may be approved to develop a final proposal or the preproposal may be denied.
(a) If denied, the provider may resubmit its preproposal informed by suggestions of the board.
(b) If the preproposal is approved by the board, the prospective provider must develop and submit a written plan which addresses all final proposal elements including domains, components, and other program approval requirements contained in WAC 181-78A-220 and 181-78A-300 as established in this chapter and published by the board, including letters of support from partner districts and/or community agencies as evidence of how the program will meet Washington educator workforce needs.
(c) Final proposals submitted by prospective providers of school counselor preparation programs shall include verification of program approval by the council for the accreditation for counseling and related education programs.
(d) Final proposals submitted by prospective providers of school psychologist programs shall include verification of program approval by the National Association for School Psychology.
(4) After reviewing a prospective provider's final program proposal, the board may approve or deny the program approval:
(a) The program may be approved in a specific location(s) for an initial approval period of up to twenty-seven months following the beginning of instruction. The prospective provider must notify the board when instruction has begun. If initial approval is denied, the prospective provider may resubmit a revised plan informed by suggestions given by the board and its staff.
(b) School counselor and school psychologist programs: Approve the program for a time period to align with their respective national association approvals.
(5) Prior to the expiration of initial approval, staff of the board shall conduct a site visit to determine if the program is in full compliance and performance aligned with the state approval requirements. This includes a review of all applicable indicators and domain components for the type of program.
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