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PDFWAC 174-116-262

Impounding and immobilization of vehicles.

(1) The expense of such impounding and storage will rest solely on the owner or permit holder of the vehicle. Neither the college nor its employees will be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from impounding and/or storage services provided by a private vendor.
(2) Any vehicle parked upon property of the college in violation of these regulations, including the motor vehicle and other traffic laws of the state of Washington, with at least three unpaid citations, with the oldest being at least thirty days old, may be either immobilized or impounded and removed for storage.
(3) Notice of intent to impound will be posted on the vehicle twenty-four hours prior to impound.
(4) If the vehicle is parked in a metered or timed space, notice of intent to impound will be posted on the vehicle for four hours prior to impound.
(5) Any vehicle that blocks, hinders, or obstructs a legally parked vehicle, crosswalk, sidewalk, disability access area, service drive, or loading zone may be cited, and after the college has made a reasonable attempt to contact the owner, the vehicle may be impounded immediately.
(6) Immobilization is defined as impounding the vehicle in place through the installation of a wheel boot, which is a device designed to prevent vehicles from being moved. It consists of a clamp that surrounds a vehicle wheel, and designed to prevent removal of both itself and the wheel. Release from in-place immobilization is contingent on payment of all outstanding fines and charges.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 17-02-076, ยง 174-116-262, filed 1/3/17, effective 2/3/17.]
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