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PDFWAC 174-116-242

Parking permitsIssuance and display.

(1) All parking permits must be entirely visible and displayed on the vehicle in accordance with the instructions printed on the permit, with permit numbers and relevant dates visible. Vehicles that do not have visible and properly displayed permits may be cited for the violation of improperly displaying a permit.
(2) Ownership of permits is not transferable except when approved by parking services. If a registered vehicle is sold, the permit must be removed and returned to parking services for a replacement or any refund.
(3) Persons not residing on campus may apply for a duplicate permit for a second car either personally, family, or employer owned. Proof of ownership or appropriate authorization must be presented prior to issuance of a second permit. Two vehicles displaying the same numbered permit may not be parked on campus at the same time unless one also displays a valid daily permit.
(4) Vehicles displaying a valid permit may be parked in any designated campus parking lot authorized by the permit. Vehicle parking in the modular housing area is restricted to residents and other users authorized by parking services. F lot parking permits are valid in B, C, and F lots. Modular housing permits are valid in all of the campus parking lots.
(5) Permit holders may obtain a complimentary temporary daily permit for a vehicle being used as a temporary replacement.
(6) No vehicle may be parked on campus for the purpose of using such vehicle as a living unit. Any exception must be approved by the director of police services or their designee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 17-02-076, § 174-116-242, filed 1/3/17, effective 2/3/17.]
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