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PDFWAC 173-444-010

Purpose and scope.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish rules that electric utilities shall use to comply with parts of the Washington Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), chapter 19.405 RCW.
(1) The purpose of the provisions in Part I of this chapter is to establish methods for calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions content in electricity an electric utility supplies to its retail electric customers in Washington state. The calculation methods in Part I of this chapter are developed under the requirements of RCW 19.405.070 and 19.405.020(22).
(2) Part II of this chapter implements the requirements under RCW 19.405.020(18), 19.405.040, and 19.405.100(7). The purpose of the provisions in Part II of this chapter is to establish:
(a) The processes for identifying project categories that are eligible for compliance with CETA as energy transformation projects.
(b) The process and requirements for developing the standards, methodologies, and procedures for evaluating energy transformation projects.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 19.405 RCW, RCW 19.405.020(18), 19.405.040, 19.405.100 and 70A.45.010. WSR 21-02-091 (Order 19-08), ยง 173-444-010, filed 1/6/21, effective 2/6/21.]
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