Chapter 173-334 WAC

Last Update: 9/29/17


WAC Sections

173-334-020What is the purpose of this chapter?
173-334-030To whom does this chapter apply?
173-334-040What definitions apply to terms used in this chapter?
173-334-050What is the purpose of the CHCC list?
173-334-060How can the department revise the CHCC list?
173-334-070How will the department identify chemicals for inclusion in the CHCC list?
173-334-080What must the manufacturer include in its report to the department?
173-334-090Who is required to report to the department?
173-334-100When must manufacturers report and for what time period?
173-334-120How will this chapter be enforced?
173-334-130The reporting list of chemicals of high concern to children (CHCC list).
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