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PDFWAC 173-303-060

Notification, identification numbers, and annual reports.

(1) Any person who generates, transports, offers for transport, or transfers a dangerous waste, or who owns or operates a dangerous waste TSD facility or a recycling facility must have a current EPA/state identification number (EPA/state ID#). An EPA/state ID# is issued to TSD facilities, recycling facilities, and generators by site. A state registration number is assigned to transfer facilities by site. Any person who offers a dangerous waste to a transporter or to a dangerous waste TSD facility or recycling facility that does not have an EPA/state ID#, or whose EPA/state ID# has been canceled or withdrawn, is in violation of this regulation.
(2) Every person who must have an EPA/state ID#, and who has not already received their ID#, must notify the department by obtaining and completing a Washington State Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form according to the instructions on the form and submitting the completed form to the department. Any person already assigned an EPA/state ID# must notify the department of any changes to their company's name, mailing address, ownership, physical location, or type of dangerous waste activity, by submitting a revised form. A revised form must be submitted prior to adding or dropping any of the following activities: Permitted treating, storing and/or disposing, immediate recycling, transporting, permit by rule, and/or treatment by generator. Any change in site location will require the issuance of a new EPA/state ID# for waste generation and management facilities. An existing EPA/state ID# cannot be transferred to a new company location. A company that has obtained an ID# as a "transporter only" (e.g., those who do not store or generate waste on site) can move to a new location and continue to use the same ID#. A revised Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form must be submitted to the department. A Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form and instructions for its completion may be obtained by contacting the department.
(3) Any person with an EPA/state ID# may request that their ID# be withdrawn if they will no longer be handling dangerous waste at the site the ID# has been assigned to. Any person whose ID# has been withdrawn must notify the department before they use the ID# at any later date. Notification must be in writing, except in the case of emergencies (e.g., fires, spills, etc.) such notification may be provided by telephone first, and followed within one week by a written notification. Withdrawal will only be granted when all applicable requirements of this chapter and chapter 173-305 WAC have been met.
(4) Any person with an EPA/state ID# may request that their ID# be withdrawn if they will no longer occupy the site. Notification must be in writing. An EPA/state ID# will be considered withdrawn only after all applicable requirements of this chapter and chapter 173-305 WAC have been met.
(5) Any person with a current EPA/state ID# must submit an annual report as required by WAC 173-303-170 (2)(a)(i), 173-303-220, 173-303-120, 173-303-390, and 173-303-515. Any person who has withdrawn their ID# must submit an annual report up to the effective date of withdrawal. The generator should write the effective date on the Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form for the withdrawal; it is the date by which all regulated waste activities (generation, transportation, and management) have ceased at the site.
(6) A recognized trader must not arrange for import or export of dangerous waste without having received an EPA/state ID# from the department.
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