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PDFWAC 173-18-260

Lincoln County.

Stream Name
Name and Size
Legal Description
All of Columbia River within Lincoln County (Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake) is under federal jurisdiction. The stream flow is over 200 cfs MAF.
Sprague Lake NE 7 1/2
Sprague Lake 7 1/2
Sprague Lake SW 7 1/2
Harrington SE 7 1/2
Lamona WA 7 1/2
Blue Line
Sylvan Lake 7 1/2
Odessa 7 1/2
Irby 7 1/2
Marlin SW 7 1/2
Marlin 7 1/2
From the confluence of Rock Creek and Crab Creek (Sec.18, T22N, R38E) downstream through Sylvan Lake to Grant County line (Sec.18, T22N, R31E). This stream has over 300 sq. miles of drainage area down to mouth (right bank only) at unnamed tributary (Sec.34, T22N, R37E).
Sprague 15
From the confluence of Negro Creek and unnamed creek in the town of Sprague (Sec.23, T21N, R38E) downstream to mouth at Sprague Lake (Sec.21, same township).
Wellpinit* 15
Turtle Lake 15
Lincoln 15
From the Spokane County line (Sec.24, T27N, R39E) starting on left bank of Long Lake (SE corner of same section) thence downstream along left bank of Long Lake to Spokane River, thence downstream on left bank to (Sec.27, T27N, R38E). This stream has both over 200 cfs MAF flow and over 300 sq. miles of drainage area at Spokane County line.
Almira* 7 1/2
Almira SW 7 1/2
From mouth of Corbett Draw (Sec.16, T25N, R31E) downstream to Grant County line (Sec.6, T24N, R31E). This stream has over 300 sq. miles of drainage area ending at mouth of Corbett Draw.
[Order 73-14, § 173-18-260, filed 8/27/73; Order DE 72-13, § 173-18-260, filed 6/30/72.]
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