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Chapter 16-720 WAC

Last Update: 9/2/76


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Reviser's note: By the promulgation of Order 1483, filed in the office of the code reviser on September 2, 1976, the effective date of chapter 16-720 WAC, was extended from January 1, 1977, to June 2, 1977.



I, Stewart Bledsoe, director of agriculture of the state of Washington, by virtue of the authority vested in me under chapter 70.106 RCW, after due notice as provided under chapters 42.32 [42.30] and 34.04 RCW, and a public hearing held in Olympia, Washington on January 28, 1976 and on August 30, 1976 do hereby promulgate the following regulations requiring dietary iron supplements and dietary multiple-vitamin-with iron supplements to be packaged in child-resistant containers.
[Order 1483, § 16-720-001, filed 9/2/76, effective 6/2/77; Order 1433, § 16-720-001, filed 3/1/76, effective 1/1/77.]



Dietary supplement means any vitamin and/or mineral preparation offered in tablet, capsule, wafer or other similar uniform unit form; in powder, granular, flake, or liquid form; or in the physical form of a conventional food but which is not a conventional food; and which purports to be or is represented for special dietary use by humans to supplement their diets by increasing the total dietary intake of one or more of the essential vitamins and/or minerals.
[Order 1483, § 16-720-010, filed 9/2/76, effective 6/2/77; Order 1433, § 16-720-010, filed 3/1/76, effective 1/1/77.]



Iron preparations. Animal and human drugs (except for injectable drugs), and dietary supplements, as defined in WAC 16-720-010, that provide an equivalent of 250 milligrams or more of elemental iron per total package, shall be packaged in accordance with the provisions of chapter 70.106 RCW, the Washington Poison Prevention Act of 1974.
[Order 1483, § 16-720-020, filed 9/2/76, effective 6/2/77; Order 1433, § 16-720-020, filed 3/1/76, effective 1/1/77.]



Any person found to be in violation of WAC 16-720-020 shall be subject to the penalties provided in RCW 70.106.140.
[Order 1483, § 16-720-030, filed 9/2/76, effective 6/2/77; Order 1433, § 16-720-030, filed 3/1/76, effective 1/1/77.]