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PDFWAC 139-10-220

Requirements of basic corrections academy.

(1) Each trainee in a basic corrections academy shall receive certification only upon full and successful completion of the academy process as prescribed by the Washington state criminal justice training commission. The performance of each trainee shall be evaluated as follows:
(a) Scholarship. A standardized examination process shall be utilized by each corrections academy sponsored or conducted by the commission, in evaluating the level of scholastic achievement and skill proficiency of each trainee. Such process shall include the application of a designated minimum passing score and the availability of a retesting procedure.
(b) Participation. Each trainee shall be required to participate fully in all academy classes, practice exercises and physical training programs. No applicant for basic corrections training shall begin the basic academy assignment if his or her health and physical condition precludes active and full participation in the physical activities required for certification. In no instance shall certification be granted until successful completion of physical fitness training, including defensive tactics, has been achieved.
(c) Deportment and conduct. Failure to maintain a standard of deportment and conduct as defined in the rules, regulations and policies of the basic corrections academy may result in termination of academy enrollment.
(2) Upon the written request of a trainee, or the head of a trainee's employing agency, any action affecting such trainee's status or eligibility for certification shall be reviewed pursuant to the procedural rules and regulations adopted by the commission.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080. WSR 00-17-017, § 139-10-220, filed 8/4/00, effective 9/4/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080(2). WSR 93-13-099, § 139-10-220, filed 6/21/93, effective 7/22/93; WSR 87-19-105 (Order 15-D), § 139-10-220, filed 9/18/87; WSR 86-19-021 (Order 1-B), § 139-10-220, filed 9/10/86. Formerly WAC 139-36-030.]
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