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PDFWAC 139-10-210

Requirement of basic corrections training for correctional personnel.

As a condition of continued employment, unless exempted by the commission, all correctional personnel, as defined in RCW 43.101.010, with the exception of those employed by the Washington state department of corrections prison division, must commence training in a basic corrections academy within the initial six-month period of employment, unless otherwise extended or waived by the commission, and then successfully complete the training. The commission and the department of corrections share the responsibility of developing and defining training standards and providing training for community corrections officers employed within the community corrections division of the department of corrections. Requests for extension or waiver of the basic training requirement must be submitted to the commission in writing as designated by commission policy and procedures.
(1) Correctional personnel must successfully complete the appropriate basic corrections academy according to job function as referred below:
(a) Corrections officers academy, as described in WAC 139-10-230.
(b) Misdemeanant probation counselors academy, as described in WAC 139-10-235.
(c) Community corrections officers academy and basic arrest, search, and seizure academy, as described in WAC 139-10-530.
(d) Juvenile services academy, as described in WAC 139-10-237.
(e) Juvenile corrections officers academy, as described in WAC 139-10-240.
(f) Juvenile rehabilitation academy, as described in WAC 139-10-245.
(2) Each agency employing correctional personnel, as defined in RCW 43.101.010, is responsible for full and complete compliance with the above training requirements. Additionally, each such agency must provide the commission with employment information necessary for the establishment and maintenance of complete and accurate training records on all affected employees, as required by WAC 139-10-213.
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