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PDFWAC 132V-123-040

Second level of formal appeal.

If either party is not satisfied with the first level of formal appeal decision, he or she may begin the second level of the formal appeal process.
(1) Step 1. The applicable party will present the executive vice president for academic and student affairs with a written appeal of the first level decision and documentation.
(2) Step 2. The executive vice president or his or her designee will investigate the appeal. This investigation shall be completed within ten instructional days of receiving the appeal. The investigation will consist of a review of all student and faculty member documentation and the findings of the dean or manager.
(3) Step 3. The executive vice president shall within ten instructional days of receiving the appeal:
(a) Make a final decision; or
(i) The final decision will be conveyed in writing to the student, faculty member, and dean.
(ii) Any decision made by the executive vice president and pursuant to this section is a final agency decision.
(b) Convene a hearing committee pursuant to WAC 132V-123-010.
(i) The committee will hear testimony from the student and from the faculty member.
(ii) The committee will examine documentation.
(iii) A decision shall be made by majority vote in deliberations.
(iv) The decision shall be communicated to the student and the faculty member within five instructional days of the hearing after all testimony and documentation have been presented.
(v) Any decision made by the committee is a final agency decision.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 13-06-008, ยง 132V-123-040, filed 2/22/13, effective 3/25/13.]
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