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PDFWAC 132T-190-020

Limitation of use to school activities.

The college buildings, properties and facilities, including those of the associated student body, may be used only for:
(1) The regularly established teaching, research or public service activities of the college and its departments or related agencies.
(2) Cultural, educational or recreational activities of the students or of the faculty or staff.
(3) Short courses, conferences, seminars, or similar events, conducted either in the public service or for the advancement of specific departmental professional interests, when arranged under the sponsorship of the college or its departments.
(4) Public events of a cultural or professional nature brought to the campus at the request of college departments or committees and presented with their active sponsorship and active participation.
(5) Activities or programs sponsored by educational institutions, by state or federal agencies, by charitable agencies or civic or community organizations whose activities are of widespread public service and of a character appropriate to the college.
[Order 78-6, ยง 132T-190-020, filed 10/24/77.]
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