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PDFWAC 132Q-10-315

Notice to the accused student of complaint.

(1) All general misconduct and sexual misconduct complaints deemed by the chief student service officer/Title IX coordinator or student conduct officer to have merit are presented by the student conduct officer to the accused student in written form, in person, by regular mail or electronic mail. Notice by mail is sent to the student's last known local address. If the student no longer is enrolled at the time notice is sent, the notice is sent to the student's permanent address. The student is responsible for providing and keeping the college updated of his/her current email and mailing addresses.
(2) The written notice shall include:
(a) The official name and reference number of the proceeding and notice that the hearing is to be held pursuant to these standards of conduct for students under the jurisdiction provided by WAC 132Q-10-120.
(b) The factual details of the complaint, the policy, procedure, rule or standard of conduct allegedly violated.
(c) The approximate time and place of the alleged act.
(d) The range of possible sanctions for the alleged act.
(e) The date, time, and place of the proceeding. A time for the disciplinary proceeding is set seven to fourteen calendar days after the student has been notified unless waived by all parties. If the chair of the student conduct board, the chair of the student administrative panel or the accused student wish to alter the notice requirements, he/she must submit a written request to the student conduct officer. Time limits for notice may be shortened by the student conduct officer if the parties to the proceeding agree and also may be continued to a later time for good cause.
(f) Notification as to whether the student conduct officer, the student conduct board or the student administrative panel was assigned the case and the names, mailing address, and phone number of the designated presiding officer(s).
(g) Notification as to the mailing address and phone number of the office intended to represent the college in the proceeding.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 25B.50.140. WSR 17-11-076, § 132Q-10-315, filed 5/18/17, effective 6/18/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 15-15-161, § 132Q-10-315, filed 7/21/15, effective 8/21/15.]
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