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PDFWAC 132Q-10-228

Drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana.

(1) Legend drugs, narcotic drugs, controlled substances: Being observably under the influence of any legend drug, narcotic drug or controlled substance as defined in chapters 69.41 and 69.50 RCW, or otherwise using, possessing, delivering, manufacturing, or seeking any such drug or substance, except in accordance with a lawful prescription for that student by a licensed health care professional or as otherwise expressly permitted by federal, state, or local law, is prohibited. Use, possession and distribution of drug paraphernalia for the drugs and substances identified in this section is prohibited.
(2) Marijuana: While state law permits the recreational use of marijuana, federal law prohibits such use on college premises or in connection with college activities. Being observably under the influence of marijuana or the psychoactive compounds found in marijuana, or otherwise using, possessing, selling or delivering any product containing marijuana or the psychoactive compounds found in marijuana and intended for human consumption, regardless of form, is prohibited.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 15-15-161, ยง 132Q-10-228, filed 7/21/15, effective 8/21/15.]
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