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PDFWAC 132G-116-055

Authorized use of campus roads/parking facilities.

Only those vehicles as defined and regulated in chapter 46.04 RCW or as defined herein, may be operated in parking lots or in traffic areas and only by licensed drivers as defined in chapter 46.20 RCW. No vehicle or nonvehicular mode of transportation, with the exception of nonmotorized bicycles, handicapped transportation devices, emergency equipment, and certain maintenance vehicles, may be operated on intracampus property, pathways, or sidewalks without the specific permission of the college safety/security department.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW et seq., RCW 28B.50.100 and 28B.50.140. WSR 93-02-063, ยง 132G-116-055, filed 1/6/93, effective 2/6/93.]
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