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PDFWAC 132C-120-060

Right to demand identification.

Olympic College identification is required for the purpose of determining the identity of a person as a student, where identification as a student is a prerequisite to admission or the charge for admission to any college activity, or where identification as a student is required in a case of alleged violation of this code, any college employee may demand that any person on college property or at a college activity produce evidence of student enrollment at the college. Failure of the student to produce identification as required shall subject the student to disciplinary action.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 15-03-078, § 132C-120-060, filed 1/16/15, effective 2/16/15; WSR 05-10-052, § 132C-120-060, filed 4/29/05, effective 5/30/05; WSR 85-13-067 (Order 24, Resolution No. 52-0585), § 132C-120-060, filed 6/18/85; WSR 80-05-004 (Order 21, Resolution No. 49-0280), § 132C-120-060, filed 4/4/80.]
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