Chapter 110-300A WAC

Last Update: 6/29/18


(Formerly: Chapter 170-295 WAC)

WAC Sections

110-300A-0001What gives the authority to the department to license child care and charge licensing fees?
110-300A-0010What definitions under this chapter apply to licensed child care providers?
110-300A-0020Who needs to become licensed?
110-300A-0030Eligibility to receive state child care subsidies.
110-300A-0040Do I have to follow any other regulations or have any other inspections?
110-300A-0050Can I get a waiver (exception) to the minimum licensing requirements or to licensing fees?
110-300A-0055Can I get a dual license?
110-300A-0070What personal characteristics do my volunteers, all staff and I need to provide care to children?
110-300A-0080How is my licensed capacity determined?
110-300A-0090Initial and nonexpiring full licenses—Licensing fees.
110-300A-0095Nonexpiring full license.
110-300A-0100When can my license application be denied and when can my license be suspended or revoked?
110-300A-0110Civil fines.
110-300A-0120How much can I be fined?
110-300A-0130When can an individual be fined for operating an unlicensed program?
110-300A-0140Probationary licenses.
110-300A-1010Who can be the director of a child care center?
110-300A-1020What if the director does not meet the minimum qualifications?
110-300A-1030Who can be a lead teacher in a child care center?
110-300A-1040Who can be an assistant or aide in a child care center?
110-300A-1050Who can be a volunteer in a child care center?
110-300A-1060What initial and ongoing state training and registry system (STARS) training is required for child care center staff?
110-300A-1070What continuing state training and registry system (STARS) training is required for child care center staff?
110-300A-1080What topics must my new staff orientation include?
110-300A-1090What kind of meetings or ongoing training must I provide my staff?
110-300A-1100What are the requirements regarding first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training?
110-300A-1110Who must have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and bloodborne pathogen training?
110-300A-1120What are the tuberculosis (TB) testing requirements for the staff?
110-300A-2010What types of play materials, equipment and activities must I provide for the children?
110-300A-2020How long can a child be at the center?
110-300A-2030How should staff interact with children?
110-300A-2040What behavior management and guidance practices must I have in place?
110-300A-2050Must we provide rest periods?
110-300A-2060What are the requirements for evening and nighttime care?
110-300A-2070What do I need to transport the children on offsite trips?
110-300A-2080What must I communicate to parents?
110-300A-2090What are the required staff to child ratios and maximum group sizes for my center?
110-300A-2100What are the exceptions to group sizes and staff to child ratios?
110-300A-2110Are children allowed in the kitchen when they are doing supervised activities?
110-300A-2120Are there special program requirements for infants and toddlers?
110-300A-2130Do I need an outdoor play area?
110-300A-3010What kind of health policies and procedures must I have?
110-300A-3020How often must staff wash their hands?
110-300A-3030When is a child or staff member too ill to be at child care?
110-300A-3040How often must children wash their hands?
110-300A-3050Am I required to give medications to the children in my care?
110-300A-3060Who can provide consent for me to give medication to the children in my care?
110-300A-3070How must I store medications?
110-300A-3080Can I use bulk medications (use one container for all the children such as with diaper ointments)?
110-300A-3090How do I handle left over medication?
110-300A-3100When can children take their own medication?
110-300A-3110Do I need special equipment to give medication?
110-300A-3120What documentation is required when giving children medication?
110-300A-3130Can anyone else give medication to children in my care?
110-300A-3140What kind of milk can I serve?
110-300A-3150How many meals and snacks must I serve?
110-300A-3160What kind of food and menus must I have?
110-300A-3170What are the food service standards I am required to meet?
110-300A-3180What are approved food sources?
110-300A-3190How can I be sure that the food I serve is safe?
110-300A-3200How do I safely store food?
110-300A-3210How do I safely thaw foods?
110-300A-3220What type of kitchen material and equipment is required?
110-300A-3230What type of eating and drinking equipment must I provide?
110-300A-4010At what age can I accept infants into care?
110-300A-4020How do I meet the nutritional needs of the infants in my care?
110-300A-4030What is a safe way to prepare bottles?
110-300A-4040What is a safe way to store infant formula and food?
110-300A-4050What is a safe way to store breast milk?
110-300A-4060What is a correct way to clean bottles and nipples?
110-300A-4070Are there specific rules for feeding infants and toddlers?
110-300A-4080When should I begin toilet training a child?
110-300A-4090Can I use potty-chairs for toilet training?
110-300A-4100What sleep equipment do I need for infants?
110-300A-4120What must I do to be sure that diaper changing is safe and does not spread infections?
110-300A-4130Do I need a nurse consultant?
110-300A-4140When are children required to have a change of clothing on-site?
110-300A-5010What first-aid supplies are required in my center?
110-300A-5020How do I maintain a safe environment?
110-300A-5030What do I need to include in my disaster plan?
110-300A-5040How do I maintain a clean and sanitized environment?
110-300A-5050How can I make sure water activities are as safe and sanitary as possible?
110-300A-5060How must I store maintenance and janitorial supplies?
110-300A-5080How do I safely get rid of sewage and liquid wastes?
110-300A-5090What are the fence requirements?
110-300A-5100What are the requirements for toilets, handwashing sinks and bathing facilities?
110-300A-5110What are the requirements if I do laundry on the premises or offsite?
110-300A-5120What kind of sleep and nap equipment do I need for children not in cribs, bassinets, infant beds or playpens?
110-300A-5140Are there any requirements for storage space provided for children?
110-300A-5150Are there temperature requirements for my facility?
110-300A-5160What do I need to know about pesticides?
110-300A-5170Can we have animals at the center?
110-300A-6010What are the regulations regarding discrimination?
110-300A-6020What are the regulations regarding religious activities?
110-300A-6030What are the special requirements regarding American Indian children?
110-300A-6040What are the requirements regarding child abuse and neglect?
110-300A-6050What substances are prohibited in the child care center or on the premises?
110-300A-6060Who is allowed to have unsupervised access to children in care?
110-300A-7010Information to be kept in the child's individual file.
110-300A-7020Am I required to track immunizations?
110-300A-7030Attendance records.
110-300A-7032Electronic attendance records—Records retention.
110-300A-7040Facility records.
110-300A-7050What personnel records and policies must I have?
110-300A-7060What injuries and illnesses or child abuse and neglect must I report?
110-300A-7070What circumstantial changes must I report to my licensor?
110-300A-7080Materials that must be posted.
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