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PDFWAC 434-840-035

Certification cancellation.

(1) The address confidentiality program shall terminate a participant's certification and invalidate that participant's authorization card if:
(a) The participant's certification term has expired and renewal of certification is not completed;
(b) The address confidentiality program has determined that false information was used in the application process; or
(c) The participant fails to respond to the program's request for verification of the participant's residential address.
(2) The address confidentiality program may terminate a participant's certification and invalidate that participant's authorization card if:
(a) The participant no longer resides at the residential address on file, and has not provided at least two days prior notice in writing of a change of address;
(b) Any first class or certified mailing, or service of process document forwarded by the program is returned as nondeliverable, refused, or unclaimed; or
(c) The participant obtains a legal change of identity.
(3) The address confidentiality program shall send written notification of the pending termination to the participant's last known mailing or residential address. The participant shall have ten business days in which to appeal the termination under procedures developed by the secretary of state.
(4) After the secretary of state has provided notice as required in subsection (3) of this section the participant's certification is considered to be in pending status. While in this status, the secretary of state must hold the participant's mail without forwarding to the participant. Pending status ends after ten business days, or upon the participant's compliance with this section, whichever occurs first. This does not prevent the secretary of state from forwarding correspondence marked "service of process."
(5) If the participant's pending cancellation status expires, the secretary of state must cancel the certification of the program participant.
(6) The address confidentiality program shall notify authorized election officials and authorized Washington state department of health personnel if the participant is registered to vote or has a protected records marriage license when a participant's authorization has been terminated from the program. The authorized elections and health department personnel shall transmit to the address confidentiality program all appropriate administrative records pertaining to the participant.
(7) If the certification of a participant is canceled, mail addressed to the program participant must be returned to sender.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090 and 40.24.030. WSR 19-12-002, ยง 434-840-035, filed 5/22/19, effective 6/22/19.]
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