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PDFWAC 434-840-030

Certification renewal.

(1) At least thirty days prior to the expiration of a certification, the secretary of state shall inform a program participant, of the option of renewing certification in the program by sending a renewal form to the participant's mailing address. The notice must provide instructions on actions the participant must take upon expiration of certification, if the participant chooses to leave the program. These include return of the authorization card, notifying senders of the former participant's actual address and notifying that the substitute address is no longer valid for the former participant. Ten days prior to expiration of certification, the secretary of state must mail a second notice to the participant unless the participant has responded with a renewal or communication indicating intent to withdraw from the program.
(2) Information about voter registration should be provided to the participant as part of the notification process.
(3) A program participant may renew her or his program certification by first class mail filing with the address confidentiality program: (a) The participant's current authorization card; (b) a properly completed renewal application and checklist of understanding forms; and (c) a new authorization card form with signature.
(4) If the completed renewal does not meet the requirements of this part, the secretary of state shall contact the participant or applicant to obtain the missing information.
(5) The address confidentiality program shall: (a) Certify a program participant, who has filed a properly completed renewal application form, to participate in the program for an additional four year term unless the certification is withdrawn or invalidated before that date; (b) issue to the program participant a new authorization card which includes the program participant's name, authorization code, substitute mailing address, certification expiration date, and signature.
(6) A properly completed renewal, postmarked on or before the expiration date, is effective on the day it is reviewed and certified by the secretary of state.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090 and 40.24.030. WSR 19-12-002, § 434-840-030, filed 5/22/19, effective 6/22/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090. WSR 05-13-059, § 434-840-030, filed 6/9/05, effective 7/10/05; WSR 98-19-063, § 434-840-030, filed 9/16/98, effective 10/17/98. Statutory Authority: 1991 c 23. WSR 91-20-074, § 434-840-030, filed 9/26/91, effective 10/27/91.]
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