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Partnership ditchesLien for labor performed.

Upon the failure of any co-owner to pay his or her proportionate share of such expense as mentioned in RCW 90.03.430 within thirty days after receiving a statement of the same as performed by his or her co-owner or owners, such person or persons so performing such labor may secure payment of said claim by filing an itemized and sworn statement thereof, setting forth the date of the performance and the nature of the labor so performed, with the county auditor of the county wherein said ditch is situated, and when so filed it shall constitute a valid lien against the interest of such person or persons who shall fail to perform their proportionate share of the work requisite to the proper maintenance of said ditch, which said lien when so taken may be enforced in the same manner as provided by law for the enforcement of mechanics' and builders' liens.
[ 2013 c 23 § 600; 1919 c 71 § 5; RRS § 7397. Formerly RCW 90.28.120.]


Mechanics' and materialmen's liens: Chapter 60.04 RCW.
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