Chapter 90.03 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.03.005State water policyCooperation with other agenciesReduction of wasteful practices.
HTMLPDF 90.03.010Appropriation of water rightsExisting rights preserved.
HTMLPDF 90.03.015Definitions.
HTMLPDF 90.03.020Units of water measurement.
HTMLPDF 90.03.030Right to convey water along lake or streamConveyance to intake structure in neighboring state.
HTMLPDF 90.03.040Eminent domainUse of water declared public use.
HTMLPDF 90.03.060Water mastersAppointment, compensation.
HTMLPDF 90.03.070Water mastersDutiesOffice space and equipmentClerical assistance.
HTMLPDF 90.03.090Water master's power of arrest.
HTMLPDF 90.03.100Prosecuting attorney, legal assistant.
HTMLPDF 90.03.105Petition by planning units for general adjudication.
HTMLPDF 90.03.110Determination of water rightsPetitionStatement and plan.
HTMLPDF 90.03.120Determination of water rightsOrderSummonsNecessary partiesUse of innovative practices and technologies encouraged.
HTMLPDF 90.03.130Determination of water rightsService of summons.
HTMLPDF 90.03.140Determination of water rightsAdjudication claim by defendant.
HTMLPDF 90.03.150Determination of water rightsGuardian ad litem for defendant.
HTMLPDF 90.03.160Determination of water rightsResponse to motions under RCW 90.03.640(3)Notice of intent to cross-examineAppointment of a refereeSpecial rules.
HTMLPDF 90.03.180Determination of water rightsFiling fee.
HTMLPDF 90.03.200Determination of water rightsFinal decree and notice of decreePayment of feesAppellate review of decree.
HTMLPDF 90.03.210Determination of water rightsInterim regulation of waterAppeals.
HTMLPDF 90.03.220Determination of water rightsFailure to appearEstoppel.
HTMLPDF 90.03.230Determination of water rightsCopy of decree to director.
HTMLPDF 90.03.240Determination of water rightsCertificate of adjudicated water rightNoticeFees.
HTMLPDF 90.03.243Determination of water rightsState to bear its expenses, whenCounty must be provided extraordinary costs imposed due to adjudication.
HTMLPDF 90.03.245Determination of water rightsScope.
HTMLPDF 90.03.247Minimum flows and levelsDepartmental authority exclusiveOther recommendations considered.
HTMLPDF 90.03.250Appropriation procedureApplication for permitTemporary permit.
HTMLPDF 90.03.252Use of reclaimed water by wastewater treatment facilityPermit requirements inapplicable.
HTMLPDF 90.03.255Applications for water right, transfer, or changeConsideration of water impoundment or other resource management technique.
HTMLPDF 90.03.260Appropriation procedureApplicationContents.
HTMLPDF 90.03.265Appropriation procedureCost-reimbursement agreement for expedited review of applicationAdoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 90.03.270Appropriation procedureRecord of application.
HTMLPDF 90.03.280Appropriation procedureNotice.
HTMLPDF 90.03.290Appropriation procedureDepartment to investigatePreliminary permitFindings and action on application.
HTMLPDF 90.03.300Appropriation procedureDiversion of water for out-of-state useReciprocity.
HTMLPDF 90.03.310Appropriation procedureAssignability of permit or application.
HTMLPDF 90.03.320Appropriation procedureConstruction work.
HTMLPDF 90.03.330Appropriation procedureWater right certificate.
HTMLPDF 90.03.340Appropriation procedureEffective date of water right.
HTMLPDF 90.03.345Establishment of reservations of water for certain purposes and minimum flows or levels as constituting appropriations with priority dates.
HTMLPDF 90.03.350Construction or modification of storage damPlans and specificationsAdditional dam safety inspection requirements for metals mining and milling operations.
HTMLPDF 90.03.360Controlling works and measuring devicesMetering of diversionsImpact on fish stock.
HTMLPDF 90.03.370Reservoir permitsSecondary permitsExpedited processingUnderground artificial storage and recovery project standards and rulesExemptionsReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 90.03.380Right to water attaches to landTransfer or change in point of diversionTransfer of rights from one district to anotherPriority of water rights applicationsExemption for small irrigation impoundmentsElectronic notice of an application for an interbasin water rights transfer.
HTMLPDF 90.03.383IntertiesFindingsDefinitionsReview and approval.
HTMLPDF 90.03.386Coordination of approval procedures for compliance and consistency with approved water system plan.
HTMLPDF 90.03.390Temporary changesEmergency intertiesRotation in use.
HTMLPDF 90.03.395Change of point of diversion to downstream intake structureIntent.
HTMLPDF 90.03.397Department may approve change of the point of diversion prescribed in a permit to appropriate surface waterRequirements.
HTMLPDF 90.03.400Crimes against water codeUnauthorized use of water.
HTMLPDF 90.03.410Crimes against water codeInterference with worksWrongful use of waterProperty destructionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 90.03.420Crimes against water codeObstruction of right-of-way.
HTMLPDF 90.03.430Partnership ditchesAction for reimbursement for work done.
HTMLPDF 90.03.440Partnership ditchesProcedure for division of water between joint owners.
HTMLPDF 90.03.450Partnership ditchesLien for labor performed.
HTMLPDF 90.03.460Inchoate rights not affected.
HTMLPDF 90.03.470Schedule of fees.
HTMLPDF 90.03.471Disposition of fees.
HTMLPDF 90.03.500Stormwater control facilitiesImposition of rates and chargesLegislative findings.
HTMLPDF 90.03.510Stormwater control facilitiesImposition of rates and chargesCredit for other improvements.
HTMLPDF 90.03.520Stormwater control facilitiesImposition of rates and chargesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 90.03.525Stormwater control facilitiesImposition of rates and charges with respect to state highway rights-of-wayAnnual plan for expenditure of charges.
HTMLPDF 90.03.540Highway construction improvement projectsJoint stormwater treatment facilities.
HTMLPDF 90.03.550Municipal water supply purposesBeneficial uses.
HTMLPDF 90.03.560Municipal water supply purposesIdentification.
HTMLPDF 90.03.570Change or transfer of an unperfected surface water right for municipal water supply purposes.
HTMLPDF 90.03.580Failing public water systemConditions.
HTMLPDF 90.03.590Municipal water suppliersWatershed agreementPilot project.
HTMLPDF 90.03.591New watershed agreements prohibited after July 1, 2008.
HTMLPDF 90.03.600Civil penalties.
HTMLPDF 90.03.605ComplianceSequence of enforcement measuresLocation of compliance personnel.
HTMLPDF 90.03.615Calculating annual consumptive quantity.
HTMLPDF 90.03.620Water rights adjudicationDisqualification of judge.
HTMLPDF 90.03.625Water rights adjudicationMotion for default.
HTMLPDF 90.03.630Water rights adjudicationUse for which a statement of claim is required.
HTMLPDF 90.03.635Water rights adjudicationFiling of evidence.
HTMLPDF 90.03.640Water rights adjudicationPreliminary investigationDepartment's report of findings.
HTMLPDF 90.03.645Water rights adjudicationEarly settlement encouragedApproval of settlement.
HTMLPDF 90.03.650Water rights processing account.
HTMLPDF 90.03.655Expedited processing of applicationsOn department's own volitionNoticeFees.
HTMLPDF 90.03.660Expedited processing of applicationsNotice to tribal governments.
HTMLPDF 90.03.665Certified water right examinersFeesRules.
HTMLPDF 90.03.670Processing of water right applicationsScope of chapter 285, Laws of 2010.
HTMLPDF 90.03.675Stormwater retention pondsMosquito abatement.


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Aquifer protection areas: Chapter 36.36 RCW.