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Controlling works and measuring devicesMetering of diversionsImpact on fish stock.

(1) The owner or owners of any water diversion shall maintain, to the satisfaction of the department of ecology, substantial controlling works and a measuring device constructed and maintained to permit accurate measurement and practical regulation of the flow of water diverted. Every owner or manager of a reservoir for the storage of water shall construct and maintain, when required by the department, any measuring device necessary to ascertain the natural flow into and out of said reservoir.
Metering of diversions or measurement by other approved methods shall be required as a condition for all new surface water right permits, and except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, may be required as a condition for all previously existing surface water rights. The department may also require, as a condition for all water rights, metering of diversions, and reports regarding such metered diversions as to the amount of water being diverted. Such reports shall be in a form prescribed by the department.
(2) Where water diversions are from waters in which the salmonid stock status is depressed or critical, as determined by the department of fish and wildlife, or where the volume of water being diverted exceeds one cubic foot per second, the department shall require metering or measurement by other approved methods as a condition for all new and previously existing water rights or claims. The department shall attempt to integrate the requirements of this subsection into its existing compliance workload priorities, but shall prioritize the requirements of this subsection ahead of the existing compliance workload where a delay may cause the decline of wild salmonids. The department shall notify the department of fish and wildlife of the status of fish screens associated with these diversions.
This subsection (2) shall not apply to diversions for public or private hatcheries or fish rearing facilities if the diverted water is returned directly to the waters from which it was diverted.


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