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Water mastersAppointment, compensation.

(1) Water masters shall be appointed by the department whenever it shall find the interests of the state or of the water users to require them. The districts for or in which the water masters serve shall be designated water master districts, which shall be fixed from time to time by the department, as required, and they shall be subject to revision as to boundaries or to complete abandonment as local conditions may indicate to be expedient, the spirit of this provision being that no district shall be created or continued where the need for the same does not exist. Water masters shall be supervised by the department, shall be compensated for services from funds of the department, and shall be technically qualified to the extent of understanding the elementary principals of hydraulics and irrigation, and of being able to make water measurements in streams and in open and closed conduits of all characters, by the usual methods employed for that purpose. Counties and municipal and public corporations of the state are authorized to contribute moneys to the department to be used as compensation to water masters in carrying out their duties. All such moneys received by the department shall be used exclusively for said purpose.
(2) A water master may be appointed by the department for a watershed management area for which a plan adopted by a planning unit and by the counties with territory in the watershed management area under RCW 90.82.130 contains a requirement or request that a water master be appointed, subject to availability of state or nonstate funding.


PurposeShort titleConstructionRulesSeverabilityCaptions1987 c 109: See notes following RCW 43.21B.001.
Stream patrollers (approval, supervision of, by water masters): Chapter 90.08 RCW.
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